Find good and undervalued, stocks & ETFs in less than 5 minutes.

You choose your preferred broker, import your portfolio into our app, and we'll help you select the investments.

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Understanding stocks & ETFs never been easier!

We filter the most important information for you
We reduce a company to its most important components and filter them out for you.
Recognizing the quality of an investment with one look
We interpret the data and help you see at a glance whether the financial ratios are good or bad.
100% personalized and always tailored to you.
The entire app adapts to your portfolio, personal goals, values, and interests.
Product Features

The question is, WHAT should I invest in?

Intelligent Recommendations

Finding and understanding stocks & ETFs has never been so efficient

We help you find undervalued stocks & ETFs that suit you. We analyze and interpret the financial data for you, you can see the quality of the investment at a glance and follow every step up to the raw data.

"No one needs to spend hours learning how to invest these days, it can be done easier!"
Co-Founder von EasyQuant
Instant feedback

Portfolio optimization in a few minutes

Answer a few questions, show us who you are, import your portfolio, and we'll show you what you can do next to optimize your portfolio. Find great stocks & ETFs that fit your current portfolio and get feedback on every decision you make.

"No single broker helps us make the right decisions when investing. We help you!"
Co-Founder von EasyQuant
About us

Others say investing can't be that easy

Companies are made up of many moving parts. If you analyze a company at its root, you can understand very well which factors are crucial for success. That's exactly what we do to help you find good investments.

< 5 Minutes
Until your next great stock or ETF
50 Hours
of less learning time before your first successful investment
"Investing can be simple. It's the finance industry that works hard to make it complex."
Co-Founder & CEO, EasyQuant
How it works

It's as easy as these three steps

1. Sign Up
Sign Up to become a Beta User
2. Create and Personalise your Portfolio
Answer less than 3 questions to create a portfolio that's tailored for you only
3. Take action only when it's necessary
Use our personalised action recommendations and get feedback on all your investment decisions
EasyQuant is perfect for beginners who don't have time to delve deeply into the subject.
Maria Herrera -  Manager, Delivery Hero
EasyQuant is an investment app for everyone!
Cansu Sarıkaya -  Product Designer, _blaenk

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust your app?
We want to make sure you get all the information and support you need to invest wisely.

We have strong advisors from Morgan Stanley, Deka Bank, BNP Paribas and UBS supporting us. We are also 100% transparent so you can understand every step of the process.
How much knowledge do I need to bring with me?
We follow the approach of "first principles thinking", we break down the most important concepts of investing and company analysis into their individual parts and simplify them as far as possible.

Then we analyze these parts in different scores and classifications, interpret them, summarize them, and help you make a decision in a few minutes. To do this, we use state-of-the-art methods such as various algorithms and artificial intelligence.
How does your decision model work?
You can easily understand the individual components of our evaluation model in our app, we explain each factor and the respective meaning in detail.
Is this the right app for me?
You are very busy and hardly have time to deal intensively with the topic of investing, but you still want to invest and make the decisions yourself? Then our app is exactly the right one, we shorten the decision-making process by up to 90%.
Does the app cost?
At the moment, the app is completely free.

Are you ready to invest your money simply and smartly?