Our goal is to make investing interesting for everyone!

Only about one in six of German population over the age of 14 is invested in stocks or ETFs. That has to change. Everyone should be able to let their money grow over the long term.

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Who we are

We are a bunch of product lovers who want to bridge the gap between broker and learning platform.

The financial industry has made investing complicated enough for a long time. It's time for that to change!

Honesty counts
We make sure that there are no conflicts of interest. We do not finance ourselves through advertising or commissions.
Quality first and foremost
Together with our experienced consultants from Porsche and Morgan Stanley, we ensure that we deliver recommendations and strategies of the highest quality.
Unsere mission

Jeden sicher durch den Investitionsprozess zu koordinieren, um langfristig eine gute Rendite zu erzielen.

Aktives investieren verlangt eine Menge Wissen, bis jetzt, wir haben uns als Mission gesetzt genau das zu aendern. So das jeder in der Lage ist aktiv in Aktien und ETFs zu investieren.

The team

Teamwork makes the dream come true

Moritz Maus
Co-founder and CEO
Anil Akarsu
Co-founder and CTO
Alper Ari
Software Developer
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